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試験科目:「Check Point Certified Security Instructor」
問題と解答:全78問 156-410.12模擬対策

>> 156-410.12模擬対策




NO.1 According to Thornton (1992) the value of classroom feedback is dependent upon which of the
A. Clear examples of both positive and negative results are included in the reports
B. Focused on past failures
C. Focusing on perceived attitudes
D. Feedback being delivered at a convenient time
Answer: C

NO.2 According to the literature provided with the workshop, adult learners expect their instructor to
display a specific set of characteristics that they value
Of the list below, which is the least valuable characteristic?
A. conformity
B. flexibility
C. content mastery
D. responsiveness
Answer: A


NO.3 According to recent research, when an instructor asks questions in class, and makes sure that
the amount of "undisturbed wait time1 (i.e. the pause after asking) is at least 3 seconds, which of
these things tend to happen?
A. The number of voluntary, appropriate answers will increase.
B. Scores of students on performance tests will decrease.
C. Students are more likely to say "I don't know" if called upon.
D. The responses will get shorter and are less apt to be correct.
Answer: A


NO.4 According to Bergevin, which of the following issues would be more applicable to an adult
learner that a child?
A. Adults have fewer stereotypes of personality and beliefs to live with.
B. Adults come to learning programs with a more open mindset.
C. Adults may see new learning as a means to maintain balance and integration they have achieved.
D. Inadequacy and failure is more likely to be in the forefront of adult minds.
Answer: C

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