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多くのIT業界の友達によるとCheckPoint認証試験を準備することが多くの時間とエネルギーをかからなければなりません。もし訓練班とオンライン研修などのルートを通じないと試験に合格するのが比較的に難しい、一回に合格率非常に低いです。Pass4Testはもっとも頼られるトレーニングツールで、CheckPointの156-410.12試験資料の実践テストソフトウェアを提供したり、CheckPointの156-410.12試験資料の練習問題と解答もあって、最高で最新なCheckPointの156-410.12試験資料「Check Point Certified Security Instructor」問題集も一年間に更新いたします。

試験科目:「Check Point Certified Security Instructor」
問題と解答:全78問 156-410.12試験資料

>> 156-410.12試験資料




NO.1 Review the following scenario: You are teaching a Check Point Course, and you pose the
following question:
"Explain the path you are going to take in the next six months to implement network security and the
factors that will lead you in that direction" Which question type does this question BEST represent?
A. Stir
B. Probe
C. Smorgasbord
D. Closed
Answer: B

156-410.12認定試験   156-410.12組織   

NO.2 Four competencies are essential to the art of building credibility in the classroom. Balancing the
need to present new information, while allowing the learners to process concepts through debate,
discussion, and sharing experiences within the available time is a component of which competency?
A. Leading
B. Planning
C. Controlling
D. Organizing
Answer: C


NO.3 According to Thornton (1992) the value of classroom feedback is dependent upon which of the
A. Focused on past failures
B. Clear examples of both positive and negative results are included in the reports
C. Feedback being delivered at a convenient time
D. Focusing on perceived attitudes
Answer: D

156-410.12プログラム   156-410.12通信   

NO.4 According to Bergevin, which of the following issues would be more applicable to an adult
learner that a child?
A. Adults have fewer stereotypes of personality and beliefs to live with.
B. Inadequacy and failure is more likely to be in the forefront of adult minds.
C. Adults come to learning programs with a more open mindset.
D. Adults may see new learning as a means to maintain balance and integration they have achieved.
Answer: D

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