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試験科目:「SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential」
問題と解答:全65問 A00-240試験問題解説集

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NO.1 A company has branch offices in eight regions. Customers within each region are classified as
either "High Value" or "Medium Value" and are coded using the variable name VALUE. In the last
year, the total amount of purchases per customer is used as the response variable.
Suppose there is a significant interaction between REGION and VALUE. What can you conclude?
A. More high value customers are found in some regions than others.
B. Regions with higher average purchases have more medium value customers.
C. The difference between average purchases for medium and high value customers depends on
the region.
D. Regions with higher average purchases have more high value customers.
Answer: C


NO.2 The following LOGISTIC procedure output analyzes the relationship between a binary response
and an ordinal predictor variable, wrist_size Using reference cell coding, the analyst selects Large
(L) as the reference level.
What is the estimated logit for a person with large wrist size?
Click the calculator button to display a calculator if needed.
A. -1.0415
B. -3.7727
C. 0.0819
D. 0.5663
Answer: A

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NO.3 Refer to the exhibit:
The box plot was used to analyze daily sales data following three different ad campaigns.
The business analyst concludes that one of the assumptions of ANOVA was violated.
Which assumption has been violated and why?
A. Normality, because the interquartile ranges are different in different ad campaigns.
B. Normality, because Prob > F < .0001.
C. Constant variance, because Prob > F < .0001.
D. Constant variance, because the interquartile ranges are different in different ad campaigns.
Answer: D


NO.4 This question will ask you to provide a missing option.
Complete the following syntax to test the homogeneity of variance assumption in the GLM
Means Region / <insert option here> =levene;
A. var
B. hovtest
C. test
D. adjust
Answer: B


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