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NO.1 Which three InDesign features are supported in the SWF file format but not PDF? (Choose
A. Page curl page transition
B. Animations from the Animation panel
C. Multi State Objects
D. Video controls in the Media panel
E. Alt Text in Object Export Options
Answer: A,B,D

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ia-publication-cc-exam-prep.pdf( See page #58 )

NO.2 You want to see if the font you are using contains the ligature that you can use instead of the fl
letter combination. Where can you examine the complete character set of the font?
A. The Character Styles panel.
B. The Glyphs panel.
C. The Find Font dialog box.
D. The Character panel.
Answer: C

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NO.3 You are importing a Microsoft Word document. The paragraph styles in the Word document
have different names than the styles in the InDesign document. How should you convert the Word
styles to the corresponding InDesign styles so that the proper formatting is applied?
A. After placing the Word document, select the styles in the Paragraph Styles panel, choose
Redefine Style from the panel menu, then choose Load Paragraph styles from the panel menu.
B. After placing the Word document, choose Edit > Find/Change and replace each Word style with
the corresponding InDesign style.
C. In the Place dialog box enable Show Import Options, and in the Import Options dialog box select
Use InDesign Style Definition from the Paragraph Style Conflicts pop-up menu.
D. In the Place dialog box enable Show Import Options, and in the Import Options dialog box click
Customize Style Import and Style Mapping.
Answer: B

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Reference:http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ 2011 / 03 /17 /indesign-tips-i-wish-i-d-knownwhen-start

NO.4 Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.
An advertiser will supply an ad in Photoshop format, and the ad design must accommodate versions
for several geographic locations by changing the visibility of layers. For the most efficient production
in InDesign, how should you advise the advertiser to organize the Photoshop file, and how should
you import the file?
A. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layers; then when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to make sure Keep Layer Visibility Overrides is selected.
B. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layers; then when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to make sure Use Photoshop's Layer Visibility is selected.
C. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layer groups; when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to control which layer group is displayed.
D. Organize regional content in Photoshop using layer comps; when placing in inDesign use Image
Import Options to control which layer comp is displayed.
Answer: C

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NO.5 Why would you want to use the Gradient panel instead of the Swatches panel when applying a
gradient to a frame?
A. You want to apply the gradient to a single word in a text frame.
B. You want to use a radial gradient.
C. You want to control the midpoint of the gradient.
D. You want to control the angle of the gradient.
Answer: C

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NO.6 You are exporting a document to PDF. You know that someone viewing your PDF document
will need to copy and paste selections of text from the PDF into another program. What changes
would you make to the Export Adobe PDF dialog box?
A. Select Create Tagged PDF
B. Select Acrobat Layers
C. Select Embed Page Thumbnails
D. Deselect Page Information
E. Deselect Compress Text and Line Art
Answer: C

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NO.7 Click the Exhibit tab to see the exhibit.
How can you create more space so that you can add two more words to this text without causing
A. Lower the value for option D.
B. Drag blue line B.
C. Drag blue line A.
D. Lower the value for option C.
Answer: D

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NO.8 You have used the Page Transitions panel to apply various transitions from one page in your
document to another. When you export a PDF and open it in Acrobat, the page transitions do not
work. Which two changes are the most likely to fix this? (Choose two.)
A. In Acrobat Pro, select Hide Window Controls in the Properties dialog box.
B. Ensure you have set the Direction and Speed for each page transition.
C. Select Embed Page Thumbnails when exporting the PDF.
D. Select Open in Full Screen Mode when exporting the PDF.
E. Choose PDF (Interactive) instead of PDF (Print) in the Export dialog box.
Answer: D,E

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