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最新Adobe 9A0-150試験の練習問題と解答

Adobeの9A0-150認定試験に受かる勉強サイトを探しているのなら、Pass4Testはあなたにとって一番良い選択です。Pass4Testがあなたに差し上げられるのはIT業種の最先端のスキルを習得したこととAdobeの9A0-150認定試験に合格したことです。この試験は本当に難しいことがみんなは良く知っていますが、試験に受かるのは不可能ではないです。自分に向いている勉強ツールを選べますから。Pass4Test のAdobeの9A0-150試験問題集と解答はあなたにとって一番良い選択です。Pass4Testのトレーニング資料は完全だけでなく、カバー率も高くて、高度なシミュレーションを持っているのです。これはさまざまな試験の実践の検査に合格したもので、Adobeの9A0-150認定試験に合格したかったら、Pass4Testを選ぶのは絶対正しいことです。



試験科目:Adobe 「Adobe Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam」

Pass4Testは多くのIT職員の夢を達成することであるウェブサイトです。IT夢を持っていたら、速くPass4Testに来ましょう。 Pass4Testにはすごいトレーニング即ち Adobeの9A0-150試験トレーニング資料があります。これはIT職員の皆が熱望しているものです。あなたが試験に合格することを助けられますから。


NO.1 You ¯ vead j us t eda r a w pho t og r aph i n C a m e r a R aw . N o w you a r e r eady t o open t he i m age i n Pho t oshop t o
add some text.However, you want to be able to quicklybring the image from Photoshopback in to Camera
Raw adjustments.What should you do?
A. Click thesave image buttonin Camera Raw,then open the saved file directly in Photoshop.
B. Click the Done buttonin Camera Raw, then open the file directly in thePhotoshop.
C. Hold downthe Shift key to change the Open Image buttonto Open Object,and click the button.
D. Hold the Option (Mac OS)or Alt(Windows)key and click the done button.
Answer: C

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NO.2 You are adjustinga rawphotographinCamera Raw,and you want to increasecontrast in the midtonesof
the photograph.WhichCamera Rawcontrol should you use?
A. The Clarity Slider
B. The Full Light Slider
C. The Brightness Slider
D. The Recovery Slider
Answer: A

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NO.3 You are adjusting aphotographin the Camera Raw dialogbox.You have darkenedthe top of the imageby
dragging theGraduated Filter toolfrom the top to the bottomof the image,and decreasing the
brightnessslider. Nowyou want to lightenthe bottom of the photograph. What should you do?
A. Option-click (Mac OS) or Alt-click (Window)the redcircleicon in thegraduatedfilter you ¯ veapp li ed t o t he
image; then increase the brightness slider.
B. Click the + (plus) buttonto the right of brightnessslider,and thenincrease both the Brightnessand
Exposure Sliders.
C. Increasethe Brightnessslider,click the New button,and drag the graduated Filter toolfrom the bottom to
the top of the photograph
D. Drag theGraduated Filter toolfrom the bottomto the top of the photograph;then increase the Brightness
Answer: D

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NO.4 You want to print a digital photograph on a professional desktopinkjet printer. You have a custom
ICCprofile for your printer, paper, andink combination in thecolorManagement area of the Print dialog
box,which option will allow you to choose your custom ICC profile for use in printing?
A. Photoshop Manages Colors
B. Printer Manages Colors
C. Separations
D. Proof Setup
Answer: D

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NO.5 You have added a layer mask to a single-layer file so that the image fades gradually from foil opacity
tofully transparent You want to export this as a web graphic In the Save for Web & Devices dialog box,
which settings willbest preserve the transparency inthe optimized version of the image?
A. PNG-24 file format with the Transparency option checked
B. GIF file format with the Transparency option checked
C. JPEG file format with Matte color set tonone
D. WBMP Se format with the Diffusion option selected
Answer: A

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NO.6 You've adjusted a raw photographinCamera Raw, and you'd like to create a small copy of the adjusted
photograph as a JPEG to attach to an email.Which is the best workflow to follow?
A. In Camera Raw, click the Open Image button. Then,inPhotoshop, open the Save for Web & Devices
dialog box, and set the format to JPEG, reduce the file size, and click Save.
B. In Camera Raw, click the Save Image button, and save as JPEG Then open the file in Photoshop,
resize it in the Image Size dialog box. and save as JPEG
C. In Camera Raw, click the Save Image button, and save as JPEG Then open the file in Photoshop,
open the Save for Web & Devices dialog box, and set die format to JPEG, reduce the file size, and click
D. In Camera Raw,click the Save Image button, and save as JPEG Then select the He in Mini-Bridge,
choose Tools > Photoshop > Image Processor, and resize and save as JPEG from there
Answer: A

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NO.7 You're soft-proofing an RGB image with an ICC profile used for newspaper reproduction. You select the
Simulate Paper Color option in the Customize Proof Condition dialog box. What happens?
A. The highlightsinyour documentsare adjusted to match the white of the paper.
B. You're prompted to select the appropriate paper color from the Color Picker.
C. The highlights in yourdocument appear brighter and more saturated.
D. The brightness of the user interface elements is dimmed for an accurate image preview
Answer: D

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NO.8 When creating a Web Photo Gallery through Adobe Bridge, how does the application handle the color
management of images in the gallery?
A. Allimages are converted to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, and the color profile is embedded.
B. Allmages are converted to Adobe RGB (1998), and the color profile is embedded
C. Image files are not converted during processing, but Color Settings are changed to sRGB JEC61966-2
D. Image filesare converted to the current monitor profile, and the color profile is not embedded.
Answer: C

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NO.9 You are slicing aweb page layout. You draw one slice with the Slice tool and Photoshop fills inthe
surrounding areas with automatically-generated auto slices.When you click on one of those other slices
with the Slice Select Tool it does not highlight with position handles.What should you do to display the
A. Double-click theSlice with the Slice tool
B. Ctrl-dick (Windows) or Command-click (Mac OS) with the Slice Select Tool
C. Choose die Move tool and select Show Transform Controls m the Options bar.
D. Click the Promote button m the Options bar
Answer: B

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NO.10 You want to open a JPEG directly into Camera Raw to adjust it there. What should you do? (Choose
A. In Adobe Bridge, select the JPEG thumbnail and press Control+R (Windows) or Command+R (Mac
B. In Adobe Bridge, hold down Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) and double-click the JPEGthumbnail
C. In Adobe Bridge, select the JPEG thumbnail and then choose File >Place > In Photoshop.
D. In Photoshop, choose File > Open, select the JPEG file, set the Format menu to Camera Raw, andclick
E. In Photoshop, navigate to the JPEG fileinMini Bridge and double-click its thumbnail
Answer: D,E

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