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わずか数年の中に、CheckPoint 156-515.65認定試験がたくさんの人の日常生活にとても大きい影響を与えています。簡単で順調にCheckPoint 156-515.65「Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus」認定試験を通すのは問題になりますが、Pass4Testはこの問題を解決できるよ。弊社の156-515.65問題集はIT技術者がこつこつ研究して、正確で最新なもので君の156-515.65認定試験を簡単に通すことにいいトレーニングツールになりますよ。Pass4Testを選られば、成功しましょう。

CheckPoint CheckPoint Certification 156-515.65

Pass4Testは認定で優秀なIT資料のウエブサイトで、ここでCheckPoint 156-515.65「Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus」認定試験の先輩の経験と暦年の試験の材料を見つけることができるとともに部分の最新の試験の題目と詳しい回答を無料にダウンロードこともできますよ。弊社のIT技術専門家たちは質が高い問題集と答えを提供し、お客様が合格できるように努めています。

Pass4Testを通してCheckPoint 156-515.65試験に合格することがやすくて、CheckPoint 156-515.65「Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus」試験をはじめて受ける方はPass4Testの商品を選んで無料なサンプル(例年の試験問題集と解析)をダウンロードしてから、楽に試験の現場の雰囲気を体験することができます。オンラインにいろいろなCheckPoint 156-515.65試験集があるですけれども、弊社の商品は一番高品質で低価額で、試験の問題が絶えず切れない更新でテストの内容ともっとも真実と近づいてお客様の合格が保証いたします。それほかに、弊社の商品を選んで、勉強の時間も長くではありません。できるだけ早くCheckPoint 156-515.65認定試験を通ろう。


NO.1 Which files should be acquired from a Windows 2003 Server system crash with a Dr. Watson error?
A. drwtsn32.log
B. vmcore.log
C. core.log
D. memory.log
E. info.log
Answer: A

CheckPoint認証試験   156-515.65   156-515.65認証試験   156-515.65

NO.2 Which file provides the data for the host_table output, and is responsible for keeping a record of all
internal IPs passing through the internal interfaces of a restricted hosts licensed Security Gateway?
A. hosts.h
B. external.if
C. hosts
D. fwd.h
E. fwconn.h
Answer: D

CheckPoint認定試験   156-515.65問題集   156-515.65練習問題   156-515.65認定証   156-515.65認定試験

NO.3 Assume you have a rule allowing HTTP traffic, on port 80, to a specific Web server in a
Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). If an external host port scans the Web server's IP address, what information
will be revealed?
A. Nothing; the NGX Security Server automatically block all port scans.
B. All ports are open on the Security Server.
C. All ports are open on the Web server.
D. The Web server's file structure is revealed.
E. Port 80 is open on the Web server.
Answer: E

CheckPoint過去問   156-515.65参考書   156-515.65参考書   156-515.65

NO.4 Which statement is true for route based VPNs?
A. IP Pool NAT must be configured on each gateway
B. Route-based VPNs replace domain-based VPNs
C. Route-based VPNs are a form of partial overlap VPN Domain
D. Packets are encrypted or decrypted automatically
E. Dynamic-routing protocols are not required
Answer: E

CheckPoint   156-515.65参考書   156-515.65参考書   156-515.65

NO.5 fw monitor packets are collected from the kernel in a buffer. What happens if the buffer becomes full?
A. The information in the buffer is saved and packet capture continues, with new data stored in the buffer.
B. Older packet information is dropped as new packet information is added.
C. Packet capture stops.
D. All packets in it are deleted, and the buffer begins filling from the beginning.
Answer: D

CheckPoint認証試験   156-515.65過去問   156-515.65   156-515.65認定資格   156-515.65

NO.6 VPN debugging information is written to which of the following files?
A. FWDIR/log/ahttpd.elg
B. FWDIR/log/fw.elg
C. $FWDIR/log/ike.elg
D. FWDIR/log/authd.elg
E. FWDIR/log/vpn.elg
Answer: C

CheckPoint   156-515.65認定証   156-515.65問題集   156-515.65過去問   156-515.65問題集

NO.7 Which of the following types of information should an Administrator use tcpdump to view?
A. DECnet traffic analysis
B. VLAN trunking analysis
C. NAT traffic analysis
D. Packet-header analysis
E. AppleTalk traffic analysis
Answer: D

CheckPoint   156-515.65過去問   156-515.65   156-515.65   156-515.65

NO.8 You modified the *def file on your Security Gateway, but the changes were not applied. Why?
A. There is more than one *.def file on the Gateway.
B. You did not have the proper authority.
C. *.def files must be modified on the SmartCenter Server.
D. The *.def file on the Gateway is read-only.
Answer: C

CheckPoint過去問   156-515.65   156-515.65練習問題

NO.9 NGX Wire Mode allows:
A. Peer gateways to establish a VPN connection automatically from predefined preshared secrets.
B. Administrators to verify that each VPN-1 SecureClient is properly configured, before allowing it access
to the protected domain.
C. Peer gateways to fail over existing VPN traffic, by avoiding Stateful Inspection.
D. Administrators to monitor VPN traffic for troubleshooting purposes.
E. Administrators to limit the number of simultaneous VPN connections, to reduce the traffic load passing
through a Security Gateway.
Answer: C

CheckPoint認定資格   156-515.65   156-515.65認定証

NO.10 The list below provides all the actions Check Point recommends to troubleshoot a problem with an NGX
A. List Possible Causes
B. Identify the Problem
C. Collect Related Information
D. Consult Various Reference Sources
E. Test Causes Individually and Logically
Select the answer that shows the order of the recommended actions that make up Check Point's
troubleshooting guidelines?
F. B, C, A, E, D
G. A, E, B, D, C
H. A, B, C, D, E
I. B, A, D, E, C
J. D, B, A, C, E
Answer: A

CheckPoint   156-515.65   156-515.65

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