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Adobe ACE AfterEffects 9A0-152



試験科目:Adobe 「Adobe After Effects CS5 ACE Exam」




NO.1 Which two features are supported when you render a movie using the OpenGL render engine?
(Choose two.)
A. Layer Styles
B. 2D motion blur
C. Particle effects
D. Intersecting 3D layers
E. Shininess property settings for 3D layers
Answer: A,B

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NO.2 How do you quickly invoke the composition navigator flowchart?
A. press U
B. press F10
C. tap the Shift key
D. tap the space bar
Answer: C

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NO.3 You have added a composition to the Render Queue, chosen an Output Module, and clicked Render.
How do you view how much time it is taking to render each frame of me composition?
A. twirldown me Current Render m the Render Queue panel, and look underRendering > Layer
B. go to Preferences > Display and select ShowRendering Progress in Info Paneland Flowerchart
C. twirldown me Current Render in the Render Queue panel, and loot under Frame Time >Average
D. calculate thevalues between the Estimated Remain timeand the startingtime of me render, and
drivebytheamount offrames inyour comp
Answer: C

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NO.4 You have opened a template project and made various changes to it. Which is the most efficient way to
save it as a new template for future use?
A. Choose File > Save As, and replace the current project file
B. Choose File > Increment And Save to create a new copy
C. Choose File > Save a Copy as XML to create a new copy
D. Choose File > Save, and rename the filename using the .aet extension
Answer: C

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NO.5 You have been asked to render a sequence of frames in 32bpc. Which two formats allow you to do this?
(Choose two)
D. Targa
E. Cineon
Answer: B,E

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NO.6 What is the purpose of the command Composition > Pre render?
A. to render a RAM review of the composition
B. to render and save the RAM preview to disk
C. to render and create a Disk Cache preview of the composition
D. to addthe composition to the render queue with the Post Render Action set to Import and Replace
Answer: B

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NO.7 What happens when you insert a dynamically-liked composition into a Premiere Pro timeline, and play it
back within Premiere Pro?
A. You see a black frame until you render it or create a RAM preview inside After Effects.
B. Premiere Pro must render the linked composition before generatingreal-time playback
C. Premiere Pro can play back the comp in real-time, without the need to render it side After Effects.
D. After Effects renders the linked composition on a frame-by-frame basic during playback in Premiere
Answer: D

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NO.8 Which two statements about importing native R3D (RED) files into After Effects are true? (Choose
A. The REDSource Settings color adjustments don't preserve overbright values.
B. R3D Files are interpreted as containing 32-bpc colors in a non-linear
C. Exposure can be manipulated only in the footage interpretation stage, in the RED R3D Source Settings
dialog box bar
D. The R3D pixelaspect ratio cannot be modified in the footage interpretation stage
E. Only half and quarter resolution are supported
Answer: A,B

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NO.9 You have imported a video clip of unknown size and duration. You have heighted the clip in the Project
panel. What should you do to create a composition that will automatically be the right size and duration?
A. choose File > Add Footage to Comp
B. choose Composition > New Composition
C. choose File > New Comp from Selection
D. choose Composition > Add to Render Queue
Answer: C

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NO.10 You want to disable thumbnails in the Project in the Project panel to conserve system resource in a
large project. Which option in the After Effects Preferences dialog lets you complete this task?
A. General
B. Display
C. Previews
D. Appearance
Answer: B

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