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Pass4Testを通してAdobe 9A0-036試験に合格することがやすくて、Adobe 9A0-036試験をはじめて受ける方はPass4Testの商品を選んで無料なサンプル(例年の試験問題集と解析)をダウンロードしてから、楽に試験の現場の雰囲気を体験することができます。オンラインにいろいろなAdobe 9A0-036試験集があるですけれども、弊社の商品は一番高品質で低価額で、試験の問題が絶えず切れない更新でテストの内容ともっとも真実と近づいてお客様の合格が保証いたします。それほかに、弊社の商品を選んで、勉強の時間も長くではありません。できるだけ早くAdobe 9A0-036認定試験を通ろう。

Adobe Photoshop 9A0-036


Pass4Testが提供した研修ツールはAdobe9A0-036の認定試験に向けて学習資料やシミュレーション訓練宿題で、重要なのは試験に近い練習問題と解答を提供いたします。Pass4Test を選ばれば短時間にITの知識を身につけることができて、高い点数をとられます。

試験科目:Adobe 「Adobe PhotoShop CS ACE Exam」




NO.1 Which parameter can you monitor in the Status Bar?
A.the name of the active layer
B.the document's color profile
C.the name of the active document
D.the document's modification date
Answer: B

Adobe認定証   9A0-036問題集   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.2 You have a photo of a green leaf. The leaf is in sharp focus and is against a blurred green background.
You want to make a selection that follows the contour of the leaf.
What should you do?
A.use the Find Edges filter
B.use the Magic Wand tool
C.use the Magnetic Lasso tool
D.choose Select >ColorRange
Answer: C

Adobe過去問   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036過去問   9A0-036認定試験

NO.3 You have selected the Type tool. You want to create a new type layer overlapping a previous one.
What should you do?
A.double click with the Type tool
B.hold down the Shift key as you click with the Type tool
C.holddown the Option (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) key as you click with the Type tool.
D.Hold down the Command (Mac OS) or Ctrl (Windows) key as you click withtheTypetool.
Answer: B

Adobe参考書   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036参考書   9A0-036

NO.4 What would you most likely need to do afterresamplinga 20 megabyte image to 100 kilobytes using
C.Add Noise
D.Auto Levels
Answer: B

Adobe認定証   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.5 Exhibit.
The three images in the exhibit were scanned together. You apply the File>Automate>Crop and
Straighten Photos command.
What is the result?
A.A separate layer is created for each image, excluding the white border, and each is rotated to correct for
B.A separate layer is created for each image, including some white border, and each is rotated to correct for
C.A separate document is created for each image, excluding the white border, and each is rotated to correct
its crookedness.
D.A separate document is created for each image, including some white border, and each is rotated to correct
for its crookedness.
Answer: C

Adobe   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036認定資格

NO.6 You have saved as selection as a channel. You now want to load and reuse the selection.
What should you do?
A.drag the alpha channel into the image window
B.Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) click on the alpha channel
C.Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS)click on the alpha channel
D.Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac OS) on the channel and choose Load Channel as Selection
Answer: C

Adobe練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036練習問題

NO.7 Exhibit.
In the exhibit, which gradient was used to create the result to the right?
A.Angle Gradient
B.Redial Gradient
C.Diamond Gradient
D.Reflected Gradient
Answer: C

Adobe   9A0-036   9A0-036過去問   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036過去問

NO.8 Which items are saved as part of a workspace?
A.tool settings and palette positions
B.tool settings and keyboard shortcuts
C.palette positions and keyboard shortcuts
D.the positions of all open palettes and the toolbox
Answer: D

Adobe認定証   9A0-036過去問   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.9 You are using the Shadow/Highlight command to correct an underexposed image.
Which value determines the scale size for corrections?
C.Tonal Width
Answer: A

Adobe問題集   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.10 You have been editing an image. You want to restore certain small areas of the image to their condition
before your last several edits.
Which tool or command should you use?
A.Eraser tool
B.Edit > Undo
C.History Brush tool
D.Edit > Step Backward
Answer: C

Adobe問題集   9A0-036   9A0-036認定資格   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.11 Exhibit.
You want to create a shape layer by drawing in a freeform manner.
Which two buttons from the Vector Tools Options Bar should you choose? (Choose two.)
Answer: A, D

Adobe過去問   9A0-036過去問   9A0-036参考書   9A0-036認証試験

NO.12 An overexposed photograph has nearly no detail in its highlights, but otherwise has acceptable tonal
Which option from the Image > Adjustments menu should you use to reveal the details in the highlights?
A.Gradient Map
B.Channel Mixer
Answer: C

Adobe認定証   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036問題集

NO.13 Which layer parameter can be saved when creating a Layer Comp?
A.layer styles
B.layer opacity
C.layer stacking order
D.layer blending mode
Answer: A

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NO.14 You are trying to lighten only the darkest shadows in an image by choosing Image > Adjustments >
Shadow/Highlight. You notice that lighter areas are being affected as well.
What should you do?
A.increase the Radius setting
B.decrease the Radius setting
C.increase the Tonal Width setting
D.decrease the Tonal Width setting
Answer: D

Adobe   9A0-036認定資格   9A0-036過去問

NO.15 You are applying an action to a group of images using the Batch command. The action contains a SaveAs
TIFF command, with specific options chosen. You want the processed files to be saved with those options,
but to be renamed.
Which two options in the Batch dialog box should you choose? (Choose two.)
A.Batch Rename
B.Destination: Folder
C.Include All Subfolders
D.Destination: Save and Close
E.Override Action "Save As" Commands
Answer: AB

Adobe認定証   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.16 Exhibit.
Which Character palette option controls kerning?
Answer: A

Adobe認定証   9A0-036   9A0-036認定資格   9A0-036問題集   9A0-036認定資格

NO.17 Exhibit.
You have created type on a path. You want to move the type along the path.
Which tool (s) should you sue to drag the type?
A.Move tool
B.Path Type tool
C.Horizontal or Vertical Type tool
D.Path Selection or Direct Selection tool
Answer: D

Adobe参考書   9A0-036   9A0-036認証試験   9A0-036認定試験   9A0-036

NO.18 You are suing the Pattern Stamp tool to paint in your image.
Which tool option ensures that the pattern is applied continuously, rather than from the initial sampling
point, regardless of how many times you stop and resume painting with the pattern?
D.Protect Texture
Answer: B

Adobe   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.19 You want to modify the tonal range of an image without permanently affecting the pixels.
What should you do?
A.use Variations
B.use Auto Levels
C.use a layer style
D.use an adjustment layer
Answer: D

Adobe認定試験   9A0-036認定試験   9A0-036認定証   9A0-036

NO.20 Which option in the Auto Color Correction Options dialog box preserves the overall color relationship
while making highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker?
A.Snap NeutralMidtones
B.Find Dark & Light Colors
C.Enhance Per Channel Contrast
D.Enhance Monochromatic Contrast
Answer: D

Adobe参考書   9A0-036認定証   9A0-036

NO.21 Exhibit.
Which tool can completely eliminate the white pixels in the background of the image shown in the exhibit
with a single click?
C.Magic Eraser
D.Color Replacement
Answer: C

Adobe参考書   9A0-036認定資格   9A0-036

NO.22 You want to crate a diagonal elliptical marquee.
What should you do?
A.hold down the spacebar and rotate the marquee while dragging with the Elliptical Marquee tool
B.create a marquee with the Elliptical Marquee tool, then rotate it by choosing Edit > Free Transform
C.create a marquee with the Elliptical Marquee tool, then rotate it by choosing Select > Transform Selection
D.While dragging with the Elliptical Marquee tool, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) and rotate
the marquee
Answer: C

Adobe認定資格   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036

NO.23 You are recording an action. During its playback, you want an image's magnification to be adjusted to fit
the image on screen.
What should you do?
A.choose View > Fit on Screen
B.when you get to the point for the magnification change, choose View > Fit on Screen
C.use the Insert Menu Item command from the Action palette menu, then choose View > Actual Pixels
D.Use the Insert Menu Item command from the Action palette menu, then choose View > Fit on Screen
Answer: D

Adobe練習問題   9A0-036認定証   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036認定証   9A0-036

NO.24 Exhibit.
In the exhibit, what does the icon on the left indicate?
A.that the action is currently being recorded
B.that all the steps in the action offer the user a dialog box
C.that one or more, but not all, steps in the action offer the user a dialog box
D.that the action is currently paused in playback, waiting for a response from the user
Answer: C

Adobe認定証   9A0-036参考書   9A0-036   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036認定資格

NO.25 You want to paint a layer by using the Brush tool with an opacity setting of 50%.
Where do you change the opacity setting?
A.Status Bar
B.Layer palette
C.Brushes palette
D.Tool Options Bar
Answer: D

Adobe   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.26 You are working in the Levels dialog box. The pixels in the image cover a range from 0-220. You want to
increase the contrast in the highlight areas of the image.
What should you do?
A.increase the value for the black Input Level
B.decrease the value for the white Input Level
C.increase the value for the black Output Level
D.decrease the value for the white Output Level
Answer: B

Adobe認定証   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036認証試験   9A0-036   9A0-036認定試験

NO.27 You have made a feathered selection. You then repeatedly fill the selected area with different colors.
Which statement is true?
A.Traces of the earlier color fills remain at the feathered edges of the selection.
B.At the feathered edges of the selection only the image's luminosityareaffected, not its hue or saturation.
C.At the feathered edges of the selection only the image's hue and saturation area affected, not its
D.Though fading in opacity at the feathered edges of the selection, the newer fills completely overwrite the
earlier ones.
Answer: A

Adobe問題集   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036   9A0-036練習問題

NO.28 Which option from the Brushes palette allows you to determine the number and placement of marks in a
C.Shape Dynamics
D.Brush Tip Shapes
Answer: B

Adobe   9A0-036練習問題   9A0-036   9A0-036

NO.29 You have created a rough selection of an object in your image. You want to refine the selection by suing
quick mask with its default settings and the Brush tool.
Which statement is true?
A.Painting with white adds to the selection
B.Painting with black adds to the selection.
C.The opacity setting of the brush is irrelevant.
D.The foreground color must be either black or white.
Answer: A

Adobe問題集   9A0-036   9A0-036認定試験

NO.30 You have created several custom contours for Drop Shadow effects. You want to save the custom
contours as a set while maintaining the default contours.
What should you do?
A.from the Styles palette menu, choose Save Styles
B.from the Layer palette menu, choose New Layer Set
C.in the Preset Manager dialog box, select the contours and click on Save Set
D.whileediting contours in the Layer Style dialog box, choose Save Contours from the fly-out menu.
Answer: C

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