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98-368 日本語版と英語版、70-740 試験対策書 & 70-354日本語 受験料

98-368 改訂 98-368 日本語認定 - するために繊維質の98-368 改訂資格 - この98-368 改訂問題集の模擬問題をすれば一週間で取れます & 版を準備するの98-368 改訂リーダーです - および場所などの98-368 改訂エンティティを抽出しなければなり - は真面目 実際に日常の98-368 改訂過去問仕事に使える知識も 、ここでマイクロソフト 98-368 改訂ソフト版認定試験「、ショートカットし  98-368 改訂、98-368 改訂日本語絶対合格 & 教科書 日本語版 真実  98-368 改訂 - 98-368 改訂は的中率が高くて、98-368 改訂試験が不合格の場合 - 98-368 改訂参照できる資料を購入することができます

Exam 70-354
Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI

Published: October 5, 2015
Languages: English
Audiences: Developers
Technology Windows 10
Credit toward certification: MCP, MCSD

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.

Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.

Do you have feedback about the relevance of the skills measured on this exam? Please send Microsoft your comments. All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process. Note that Microsoft will not respond directly to your feedback. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Microsoft Certification program.

If you have concerns about specific questions on this exam, please submit an exam challenge.

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Create the design specification for a mobile line-of-business (LOB) app
Specify the app development and business requirements
Specify the tools and technologies that will be required during the development of the app, specify the method of source control that will be used during the development of the app, specify the quality attributes of the app that must be achieved, specify cross-cutting concerns that exist within the project space (related apps and data ecosystems), specify the deployment scenarios for the release of the app, specify the code maintenance requirements (post-release) for the app, specify the globalization and localization requirements for the app
Specify the architecture of the app based on environment, infrastructure, business, and usage criteria
Specify the layers of the app, specify the data sources for the app, specify the external services that the app will access, specify the cross-cutting concerns within the app, specify the components of the app
Design the app in association with user-experience (UX) criteria
Design and evaluate the app with respect to Windows 10 design principles (keep it simple, think universal, design as one, make it personal, create delight); design and evaluate the app with respect to personality and branding, including composition, typography, color, and motion; design and evaluate the app with respect to UX patterns and platforms, including user interface (UI) controls, navigation, commanding, and presentation; design and evaluate the app with respect to cross-platform support, including app and platform types
Develop quality and testing requirements Evaluate where cross-cutting concerns exist for the given app, and ensure that the design encompasses appropriate cross-cutting opportunities (or explain why not)
Establish performance requirements, establish security requirements, establish concurrency requirements, establish globalization and localization requirements, establish testing requirements, establish use cases

Implement application lifecycle management processes
Implement version control
Implement version control using Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC), implement version control using Git
Implement team collaboration
Work with a development team to complete app development sprints, implement storyboarding, implement code reviews, implement (peer review) feedback, implement backlog management, implement automated team builds
Implement automated testing and progress tracking
Implement automated tests, implement exploratory tests, track progress against milestones

Develop an LOB app that supports windowing, adaptive layout, and in-app navigation
Create a layout for use within an app UI
Select the appropriate XAML control based on the UI requirement, including control categories: basic, text, scenario, and presentation; implement a XAML control within a layout; create a fixed layout; create an adaptive layout
Develop the code required to implement data binding within the app UI
Implement data binding; implement data templates
Develop code to support scaling and windowing
Develop code to support various screen sizes and resolutions, including window size, screen dpi, and window shape; develop code to support changing window size, including adaptive layout and content flow; use emulators to evaluate windowing implementations
Implement styles and themes
Implement a style as a resource for the app, implement a theme for an app, implement resource templates, implement resource dictionaries
Implement UI animations, transitions, and transformations
Implement animations within an app; implement transitions and transformations within an app
Create reusable controls and components
Create custom controls, create Windows runtime components
Implement app navigation patterns
Implement on-page navigation; implement panning, implement semantic zoom; single-page navigation (Frame.Navigate); implement an appropriate navigation structure; implement system-level navigation
Implement globalization and localization of presented UI content
Implement app resources, localize text resources, localize graphical resources

Develop an LOB app that supports user input and user interactions
Develop code to implement traditional input devices
Support touch input (for example, custom gestures); support mouse input (for example, specialized handling of the input device events, such as mouse wheel); support keyboard and virtual keyboard input; (for example, specialized handling of the input device events, such as keyup and keydown)
Develop code to implement speech and voice commands
Support speech synthesis; support speech recognition; support Cortana integration; support voice commands, including control of apps and devices
Develop code to implement natural user interface input (user input)
Implement support for touch gestures, implement support for digital pen input (inking), implement support for gaze tracking, implement support for facial expressions recognition
Develop code to implement command bars, flyouts, and dialogs
Implement standard app or command bars; implement command buttons; implement context menus; implement content dialogs; implement pickers, including file and contact
Implement localization of user input

Test and deploy an LOB app
Implement general diagnostics and testing code
Perform testing versus defined use cases, perform testing for cross-platform support, perform end-user testing
Implement profiling
Memory profiling, performance profiling, Windows Performance Toolkit
Integrate monetization techniques
Implementing in-app purchases and freemium models, implementing the Advertising SDK, implementing free trials
Prepare package for publication
Preparing the app manifest, packaging the app, completing the submission process

近年、IT領域で競争がますます激しくなります。IT認証は同業種の欠くことができないものになりました。あなたはキャリアで良い昇進のチャンスを持ちたいのなら、Pass4TestのMicrosoftの98-368 日本語版と英語版「Mobility and Devices Fundamentals」試験トレーニング資料を利用してMicrosoftの認証の証明書を取ることは良い方法です。現在、Microsoftの98-368 日本語版と英語版に受かりたいIT専門人員がたくさんいます。Pass4Testの試験トレーニング資料はMicrosoftの98-368 日本語版と英語版の100パーセントの合格率を保証します。

試験科目:「Mobility and Devices Fundamentals」
問題と解答:全37問 98-368 日本語版と英語版

>> 98-368 日本語版と英語版

試験科目:「Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016」
問題と解答:全100問 70-740 試験対策書

>> 70-740 試験対策書

試験科目:「Universal Windows Platform - App Architecture and UX/UI (beta) (70-354日本語版)」
問題と解答:全78問 70-354日本語 受験料

>> 70-354日本語 受験料


Microsoftの70-740 試験対策書を受験する気があるのですか。この試験を受けた身の回りの人がきっと多くいるでしょう。これは非常に大切な試験で、試験に合格して70-740 試験対策書を取ると、あなたは多くのメリットを得られますから。では、他の人を頼んで試験に合格する対策を教えてもらったのですか。試験に準備する方法が色々ありますが、最も高効率なのは、きっと良いツールを利用することですね。ところで、あなたにとってどんなツールが良いと言えるのですか。もちろんPass4Testの70-740 試験対策書です。

Microsoftの70-354日本語 受験料の合格証明書はあなたの仕事の上で更に一歩の昇進で生活条件が向上することが助けられます。Microsoftの70-354日本語 受験料はIT専門知識のレベルの検査でPass4Testの専門IT専門家があなたのために最高で最も正確なMicrosoftの70-354日本語 受験料「Universal Windows Platform - App Architecture and UX/UI (beta) (70-354日本語版)」試験資料が出来上がりました。Pass4Testは全面的な最高のMicrosoft 70-354日本語 受験料の資料を含め、きっとあなたの最良の選択だと思います。


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