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NO.1 The Portway Hospital is qualified to receive Medicaid subsidy payments as a disproportionateshare hospital (DHS). The DHS payments that Portway receives areA. Made for services rendered to specific patientsB. Made with matching state and federal fundsC. Included in the Medicaid capitation payment made to patients' health plansD. Defined as cost-based reimbursement (CBR) equal to 100% of Portway's reasonable costs ofproviding services to Medicaid recipientsAnswer: BAHIP模試エンジン[...]


NO.1 Which of the choices below contains the four tools used by marketers that make up the'promotion mix'?A. Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity.B. Advertising, price, sales promotion, and publicity.C. Admissions, personal selling, sales promotion, and publicity.D. Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and privacy.Answer: AAHIP対象者AHM-250受験料AHM-250ディレクトリ同期NO.2 One true statement regarding ethics and laws is that the values of a community[...]